Monday, June 19, 2006

A Bit of History (insignificant as it may be)

Yesterday, my father sent a photo of my nephew with a soccer award. The photo was almost 2Mb, so I said you should make the file size smaller for emails. I also mentioned that I had seen a book in the bookstore about railways in Nikko.

So, today, he sent some photos that are too small, including this one of the cable car from that went up to Lake Chuzenji from Nikko. He rode it in 1949. The railway was closed for good in 1969 after the Iroha Road was completed.

I got my own car yesterday, as well, then I had to take the company car to a Honda garage (though it's a Nissan); and walked most of the way back home until I could get a bus - 6 kilometres, I guess. So now I have a Toyota Vitz Clavia. It's only the second car I've ever bought myself.

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