Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ridiculous and Sublime

One of the sixth grade classes has a travel agency's calendar in the wall. The May picture was of Disneyworld in Florida with Mickey Mouse climbing the fake mountain (Matterhorn?). I thought it was very amusing. The June photo was of Mt Kilimanjaro, and they had cut out Mickey and stuck him in the picture. Very amusing. Last week I noticed that they hadn't changed it over to July yet, but today, there he was, floating over some part of Hawai.i. So I went and got my camera from the air-conditioned staff room and took a photo of it - but, as expected, the lens fogged up because of the change of temperature - hot and muggy classroom.

And then sunset just after 7pm. This is after a rainy day of hot and muggy weather - and FOG. It seems strange to have fog in summer, but there it is. It was especially evident in the morning in the town where I work.


kaye said...

Oh my! Those are some amazing clouds and colors! Great capture!

Karen said...

Beautiful sunset!