Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I went to Tokyo today, to a specific palce to take my Free Study for this month. I think I got a pretty good picture. Anyway, I was riding the Yamanote train into Tokyo Station when I saw some cows. I remembered seeing an advertisement in the newspaper about them: Cowparade in Marunouchi. So I went to take some photos of the ones outside the front of the station. There are about 65 of them in the area.

The website is Cowparade, but there's no mention in the archives of the artistic cows I saw in Calgary six years ago(maybe they're a permanent installation, unlike these ones which will be auctioned off).

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lil.D said...

haahahaha I like your caw! you remined me of Colored Camels (just the way the color this caw) in my city, Nice colored pic, and thanks for the info ;)