Monday, October 02, 2006

Day One ... Introducing Sharlene

I will occasionally post a photo from my 30-day (non)Pet challenge here... if I haven't taken any other photos on the day ;>þ. The full gallery is Sharlene the Emu. Sharlene came to us earlier in the year after we had watched a program about emus and how they travel thousands of kilometres, knowing where the rainfall will be producing wildflowers (in Western Australia). Mi-chan wanted a book about emus, so I asked my parents to send one. They couldn't find one so they sent Sharlene instead. Boy, did I laugh and laugh when I read the tag, "My name is Sharlene".

Day One: Sharlene the Emu seems to be confused. These eggs are all wrong; they have different shapes and smell funny. Not only that, it's the male emu that incubates the eggs in the nest

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