Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AIUEO Katakana Project

Katakana is one of the syllabary "alphabets" in Japanese. There are about 48 of them. I thought I might make a slow project of photographing a 3-D version of each one, in the order that they're written in a matrix. Thus starts the vowel series,  あ "A"as in "father", い "I" as in "pig",  う "U" as in "put",  え "E" as in "bed" and  お "O" as in "cot".

I thought I'd have trouble finding "O", but I drive past it most days - it's a part of a hedge spelling out wordson the side of slope at the waterworks.

It tok over a month to get these five - would have been quicker if I'd realised the hedge was doable.

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