Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sacred Places

We went up to Nikko today, and actually went on the Shinkyo, the Sacred vermillion bridge, which has been open for walking on (a;beit a special platform over the bridge surface) since the renovations finished last year. The open season was supposed to finish in April, but has been extended for a few more months. However, all the pictures I took were 15 to 35 minutes before the dpchallenge rollover, so would be ineligible. ............
I also took some photos of the Kirifuri waterfalls, which were more visible than last time we saw them because the trees aren't in full foliage yet.

Finally, we went further up the mountain to a Japan Post Office affiliated hotel to go to the onsen (spa bath). Not a natural one, because it was on the sixth floor/roof. I also went into the sauna, which had a 12 minute clock. I'd never seen a 12 minute clock before.

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Karen said...

Lovely! The colour of the water is beautiful.