Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So, it looks like I have to change the time/date every time I post.
I had hoped to visit one of the shrines to take photos after doing some errands, but Mi-chan has a cold and didn't want to be left alone too long. So I suggested we play OltreMare, which is a game I got from Secret Santa. For Christmas, one of the guys on boardgamegeek organised a Secret Santa list. I sent a game to someone in S. Korea (who actually shares a post box number with the organiser - Mi-chan was a bit suspicious of that), and I received Oltremare (the old edition).

I bought two packs of Pirates of the Barbary Coast, which is a collectible game so you don't know what you're getting in the packet. The only reason was to get some ships for OltreMare - and I just happened to end up with two ships the same, the Carthage, which was good because they're not too big.

The game is still unfinished, because she went to bed.

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