Sunday, January 01, 2006

Still January 1st

Well, we've had dinner, some traditional New Year's fare called zoni, or o-zoni if you want to be honorific about it. Now I can post one of the photos from today, nothing brilliant, though.
As part of the New Year sale celebrations at the Fukudaya mall, they had a children's group of Taiko drummers. There were two girls playing small drums, a boy playing the bamboo flute, and a boy with handheld percussion instruments. And this guy dressed up prancing about in front of them.
We had Chinese noodles for lunch at Mr Donuts; the only reason we went to Mr Donuts was that somebody had dropped discount coupons in the carpark, so we had three "free" doughnuts, as well as the noodles, which you don't really expect to get at a doughnut shop.


Laurie L. Black said...

Great pic! LOL we have a restaurant in little ol' Terrell, TX that is a combination donut/Chinese food restaurant. It's an odd combo but they have excellent food! :)

Nordia said...

Nice shot. Vibrant.